We’d like to clarify something regarding our legal status:

1)Based on Argentine Law, added to the Roman right and having nothing to do with Copyright (Germanic Law). Only the author of an artistic work, be it a painting, theorem, musical composition, etc has ownership rights until his/her death. After this, his or her descendants have an ownership right of 70 years.

2)Regarding phonographic recordings: The phonographic companies hold rights to a recording since the day it was recorded for 70 years. Counting from the next year it was published. Based on this: All recordings made prior 1946, be it Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Troilo or De Angelis are now of public domain.

3)All the contemporary orchestras gave us their permission to stream their recordings.
We even bought their CDs straigh from them.

4)IF ANY DESCENDANT of the old Maestros feels like we’re hurting them economically, morally or emotionally for streaming non-public domain recordings of them. Please, contact us either publically or via private message and we’ll take the necessary actions.

5)All this without having in consideration that we’ve spent over 80.000 ARS (5.195 USD, 4.871,20 EUR or 4.163,20 GBP) in CDs, LPs, digitalization processes (Paying someone of trust to digitalize the LPs) and the adquisition of a scanner worth around 6000 ARS (365,34 EUR) to specially scan the artworks you can see in our cover image and othe scans you can see in our photo section.

PD: And without counting server maintaince, our personal time. Reflected in our Aníbal Troilo 4-part series and biographic investigation for the rest of the Radio Shows, translation of lyrics, digitalazing CDs, organizing the metadata, etc, etc.

On VVRadio our mission was quite straight forward from the start.
Our first & foremost priority is to use all the mediums available to promote tango.
We would suggest to some people to redefine their motivations.

Thank you for reading and sharing our love for tango.
-VVRadio team.


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Camilo Gatica

April 5th, 2017

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