El Olivo

El Olivo

Music: Antonio Scatasso, Domingo Julio Vivas
Lyrics: Carlos Ponciano Cabral

There, next to the Ribera,
a happy tano lived,
working day and night
alongside his girlfriend.
And by the Riachuelo’s rumours
the grullos were happy
lulled by their murmurs
distracted by their love.

And the “comadres” said
walking by the river:
“they fled sul piccolo navio…”
Since they didn’t came back
and time passed by,
the people were saying:
“the piccolo sank down”.

Cheerful traproom
that in a distant day
filled with happiness
like a song
until luck
changed their destiny
and in-between wine and blood
a heart cried.”

Translator note: tano and grullos are lunfardisms for Italian man and Italian people respectively. “Comadres” has two meanings: a literal one and a slang one: It literally translates to midwife, but in slang a comadre is a gossipy woman. “they fled sul piccolo navio” translates to “they fled in their little boat” and “the piccolo sank down” translates to: “The little (boat) sank down”.

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July 29th, 2016

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