La noche que te fuiste

La noche que te fuiste

Music: Osmar Maderna
Lyrics: José María Contursi

when your image appears in my dreams,
radiant and fleeting like a sun-beam,
I feel that your hands warm up mines tremulous
and cold… and you speak of your love!
And then you slowly numb my spirit, subtle
lullaby of an old song, the one that you sang
when you were mine, febrile phantom
that goes away mockigly.
The night that you were gone (Saddest than no other)
the moon went pale and solitude turned more grey…
The rain punishing my anguish on the glass and
the wind mumbling: She’ll never come back.
The night that you were gone it snowed on my
weariness and a halite of cold covered all things…
My dreams and my youth dropped
death with your goodbye…
The night that you left me my heart went too…

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July 22nd, 2016

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