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Radio Show: Osvaldo Fresedo [1925-1935]

Radio Show: Osvaldo Fresedo [1925-1935]

We’ve been into tango for some years now, collecting CDs in both digital and physical format, learning how to dance it, obsessibly listening to orchestras and doing various activities to promote tango.
This, is no different than the rest. Just in a bigger, better scale.
Since tomorrow and every week from 5 to 6 PM Eastern Europe Time (EET) We’ll be airing high quality recordings of Osvaldo Fresedo from 1925 to 1935.
This is the end product of a whole day of research, organizing, ripping, uploading and naming almost 140 recordings from various CDs that we’ve personally bought:

Fresedo Back (1926-1928)Fresedo Back (1925-1927)

  • Tango collection – 20 grandes éxitos (1643 2 RGS Music)
  • Máximos artistas del tango popular (828768497 Sony/BGM Music Entertainment)
  • Paternal (1927-1928) (ORQ 331 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Colección “para entendidos” (ORQ 2047 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Colección “para entendidos” (ORQ 2068 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Colección “para entendidos” (ORQ 2079 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Colección “para entendidos” (ORQ 2082 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Tradición (1928-1929) (OLV 307 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Colección 78 RPM 2 (1933-1948) (EU-17034)
  • Rendez-Vous Porteño (AQDP 002)

It was also part of a bigger project. After coming back from Buenos Aires and receiving the CDs I requested thanks to some lucky connection I made with a local CD Shop owner, it was time to digitalize and pack in protective bags the physical CDs. Good thing I didn’t had a scanner in that time, or all my willpower would had been even greater. 30 CDs in a span of 3 days. I was in my summer vacation so I only slept, ate, took a shower and kept ripping and organizing. After the process was done I was physically and mentally tired. 30 CDs in a row? NEVER AGAIN!.

We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the satisfactory results of our work!
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