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Radio Show: Pedro Vs. Pedro [1925-1950]

Radio Show: Pedro Vs. Pedro [1925-1950]

We’re back again with more high quality recordings in our efforts to air the best orchestras in the best quality while also giving the spotlight to some forgotten artists:
Today we present you the works of Pedro Maffia and Pedro Laurenz. The two greatest bandoneonists of the Guardia Nueva movement. Both were highly appraised by the media and their fellow musicians in their time, but now they don’t shine as strongly as they deserve. That’s why we decided it was time to rescue these two maestros and show why they were so beloved.
Pedro Maffia and Pedro Laurenz played in De Caro’s Sextet from the year 1925-1926 and 1925-1932 respectively. After those years they formed their own orchestras: Maffia in December of 1926 and Laurenz in 1934. Sadly, they reached the recording studios on the years 1929 and 1937. Luckily they recorded 10 bandoneón duos in the year 1926, of which we have the honour of owning two. Will you be lucky enough to catch them?. Stay tuned every Thursday from 5 to 6 PM (EET)… and good luck!.



The recordings used on this radio show were ripped, organized and taken from the next CDs:

  • P. Maffia P. Laurenz A. Gómez (1926-1936) (ORQ 2037 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Pedro Maffia – Sangre bohemia (1929-1930) (OLV 314 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Pedro Maffia – Taconeando (1930-1931) (OLV 306 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Pedro Maffia – La mariposa (1930-1931) (OLV 328 Buenos Aires Tango Club)
  • Pedro Laurenz – Colección 78 RPM (1937-1943) (EU 17015 Euro Records S.A.)
  • Pedro Laurenz – Sus creaciones inolvidables con Podestá y Bermúdez (7243 5 29110 2 8 EMI-Odeón)
  • Pedro Laurenz & Ricardo Malerba – Grabaciónes olvidadas Vol.2 (7243 5 95160 2 8 EMI-Odeón)

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