Sin lágrimas

Sin lágrimas

Music by: Charlo
Lyrics by: José María Contursi

You don’t know how much I loved you,
how can you deny that you were mine,
and nonetheless you have asked me
to leave you, that I leave,
to sink you in oblivion.

you see, my eyes have not cried,
why to cry what I’ve lost;
but in my teared up chest…
without heartbeats, destroyed
the heart is dying.

Now, that my fondness is so profound,
now, that I’m left alone in this world;
what do I care that I’m dying and no one comes
to cover these remains, what do I care about life! If my life is in your eyes.

Now that I feel the cold of death,
now that my eyes can’t see you…
what do I care if someone else has your charms,
if I know that never no one could love you
as much, as much as I loved you.

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May 17th, 2017

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