Sin palabras

Sin palabras

Music: Mariano Mores
Lyrics: Enrique Santos Discépolo

“It was born from you…
looking for a song that could unite us,
And now I know that’s -maybe- cruel, brutal
the punish that I give you.
Without words
this music will hurt you,
wherever your treason hears it…
The most absurd night, the saddest day.
When you’re laughing, or when your illusions cries.
Forgive me if God,
was who wanted to finally punish you…
If there’s cries that can haunt like this,
If this notes that were born by your love,
in the end are cilices that open wounds of a story… they’re torments, they’re memories…
hurted puppet, my pain, will rise, everytime,
that you’ll hear this song!”

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July 20th, 2016

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