Y volveremos a querernos

Y volveremos a querernos

Music by: Luciano Leocata
Lyrics by: Abel Aznar

The cross of this corner put us again
the soul in the eyes, the anxiety in the voice.
With fear we look at each other thinking that maybe
there’s still rancour in one of the two.
isn’t true, my life; isn’t true, my love,
that so much martyrdom finally ended,
that now at founding us back,
between tears and kisses,
we come back from the goodbye.

You cry?
How well you make me with your weeping!
So much
that my heart already hurts.
Don’t talk to me about your injury,
don’t name me the past
nor that destroyed dream
with reason or without.
I was also hurt
and uselessly waiting
with the fists in the forehead,
always absent and pursued.
You cry?
I also know what its like to be
with eyes full of blood
of crying so, so much!

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May 21st, 2017

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